Three mobile has come in with what appears to be a pretty good deal if you want to get in on some Apple iPhone 4 love without being tied down to the on-going expense and length of a contract.

With people queuing up all over the country and signing up for 24-month contracts, it's worth thinking about getting the initial expense over and done with by buying the phone outright. Yes, it'll be a hell of a blow to your wallet but savings will come by playing the long game.

For £15 per month, the 3 pay monthly micro-SIM comes with 300 any network minutes, 3000 texts, 1GB of internet allowance, 2000 Three-to-Three minutes and free voicemail. It will be available on a 1-month rolling contract, giving customers the freedom and flexibility to activate or cancel a plan at 30 days notice.

The Pay As You Go micro-SIM comes with the usual perks, including free texts and internet with every top-up which last for up to 90 days.  

The micro-SIM Only plans will be available to order online from Friday 25 June

Also from the 25 of June, Three will be offer existing customers the option to swap their current Pay Monthly SIMs with a new micro-SIM, allowing them to continue on with their current plan while using a phone that accepts only micro-SIMs.