Digital art specialist Alex Varanese says that if he could travel back in time he'd earn a fortune by taking modern tech with him and giving it a retro twist so as it fitted in with the fashion and style of the time.

Sure, it's a good plan, and would undoubtedly end with the riches pouring in but it's not as quick, and involves a lot more work, than Biff Tannen's get rich scheme in Back to the Future 2 where he simply uses an sports almanac from the future to make his fortune via the bookies.

We have to say though that Varanese, and his 70s conceptions of contemporary tech, are a lot cooler than Tanner's plan. Take a look at his design for a 1977 style MP3 player for example:

Called the Pocket Hi-Fi it boasts 160GB of storage, enough to host "4,000 long play stereophonic albums". And don't you just love that traffic light LED display?

Next up is the MobileVoxx mobile phone:

This concept has a brilliant fake wooden plastic going on and an excellent tagline - "Stop missing calls, start interrupting movies".

We also love the faux-vintage feel of the next two designs - a laptop with a very Ubuntu looking feel to it and the Microcade 3000 which adds a bit of a walnut finish to handheld gaming.

Most concept ideas we see are ideas that we hope might become a reality in the future. We tip our hat at Varanese who has taken a more original approach by creating concepts of the future, based on real devices, in the past. Even if his get rich scheme is a bit laborious.

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