Android fans must be getting a bit sick of the coverage that Apple is receiving this week. But don't worry, we haven't forgotten about your OS of choice, we're always keeping our eyes open, scanning the tech world for Android news and titbits.

And we suppose this video is more titbit than news, but that doesn't mean that it isn't ridiculously cool. A modern take on Asteroids is always going to get the Atari geek in us all a quiver. 

Clever sod Grant Skinner has developed a multiplayer Asteroids game he calls Androideroids, that runs via an Adobe Air application on a desktop PC and an Air client on a Nexus One. The result - a dual visual experience that takes Asteroids to a new level.

Not only can up to eight people play simultaneously, you also get a first person shooter perspective from your mobile handset, that also doubles up as your control pad.

We love an Android / retro gaming mashup, we reported a while back on a Donkey Kong Country emulator that was also pretty swish. However, the kid in us thinks that you'll be hard pushed to top Androideroids.