The iPad has been accused of being just a big iPhone by the anti-Apple brigade. But no-one's ever really considered that the iPhone is just a mini-iPad. After all Steve Jobs said himself that the iPad was designed first.

But the mini-iPad argument (it's not really an argument yet we know, but we feel we can gather some momentum if we claim it is) has stepped up a notch with the revelation that an iOS 4 touting iPhone 3GS will work seamlessly with the iPad dock-keyboard.

Typing works perfectly, as does the home button, the media controls, Spotlight search (although there are some minor issues with this) and also the cut, copy and paste functions.

We're not sure why you'd want to hook a keyboard up to your iPhone, but it's nice to know you can if you want to. Alternatively, iOS 4 now supports Bluetooth keyboards so you've got that option as well. We've tried and tested this method and it seems to work just fine.

Are you updated to iOS 4 yet? Have you found any quirks we might not yet be aware of? If so, chuck us a comment below and share the love.