We first saw the Droid 2 in action last week when we posted up a video of its boot sequence. But now Android and Me has posted up a vid featuring a pretty in depth hands on.

As you'll see from the video, there isn't too much difference between the Droid 2 and the original, apart from it looks a bit, well, nicer. Gone are the bulky edges and the gold trims and in come some fresher, curvier sides with slicker, less hefty buttons and some classy silver touches. The keyboard looks a bit cleaner too and Motorola has got rid of the gold-rimmed D-Pad.

Android and Me also did a bit of testing with the Droid 2 and found there to be a vast improvement in processing speed. This is mainly due to the 1 GHz TI OMAP3630 chip found inside (we had heard rumours of a 750MHz chip).

There's also a noticeable GPU improvement with the new device almost doubling the fps rate of the original. This could be down to the increased RAM - 512 instead of 256.

The report states that the Droid 2 will come with Android 2.1 but you can expect a Froyo update soon after launch.

We expect to hear something more official about the Droid 2 (and also the Droid X) at a Motorola event in the US on 23 June which Pocket-lint has been invited to. So check back then for more news.