The YouTube Video Editor has been officially launched, offering video uploaders the chance to carry out numerous editing processes online without the need to purchase, download or install any software onto your machines.

The YouTube Video Editor is the latest addition to YouTube's ideas centre, TestTube, where you'll also find services like Video Annotations, CaptionTube and Feather.

When you start up the new service you'll be presented with all the videos that you've uploaded to the site and, from there, you'll be able to mash videos together, trim your vids, add music from the AudioSwap library and also create videos and upload them with one click without worrying whether your video file type is compatible.

It's all done in an environment that will be familiar to anyone who's ever done any form of video editing whether using professional programs like Adobe Premiere Pro or basic editors like Windows Movie Maker. For editing newbies, it's all pretty straightforward.

Check out the video above for a good explanation of how it all works from a rather bizarre, but somewhat likeable, chap called Rewboss.

If you've already watched the video then well done, and sorry - you can't get back the 2 minutes of your life that you've wasted reading this post that doesn't really tell you anything that you wouldn't have gauged from the video.

If you've already had a bash at the YouTube Video Editor, let us know how you got on using the comments below.