It seems that Samsung has its eyes firmly on the prize when it comes to the tablet crown. Because, added to the details that were uncovered earlier this week about the Samsung Galaxy Tape tablet, it now seems as if Samsung could be playing the numbers game in its quest for tablet domination.

For yet another Samsung tablet has now been spotted out and about. It carries the model number P1000 and, although it's got a similar 7-inch Super AMOLED to the Galaxy Tape, the buttons along the bottom are different and there's a distinct lack of Samsung's TouchWiz UI on the device.

The giant number keypad on display in the video also hints that it may include telephone capabilities, although this would take the insult of your phone being the size of a brick to a new level.

Check out the (blurry) vid and let us know what you think? Is the P1000 going to launch alongside the Galaxy Tape or is it just an early prototype that has ended up in mischievous hands?