Lover of all things Motorola Droid, DroidLife, has got hold of this little video and some pics of the successor to the Android handset that went under the name of the Milestone in the UK.

The Motorola Droid 2 looks, well, it looks quite a lot like its predecessor actually. It's slightly less blingy as the Mr T-style gold D-pad has disappeared and the keys look a bit more rounded.

It's under the hood where you'll really notice the improvements. The processor has apparently been beefed up to 750Mhz and there should be 8GB of onboard storage. It's Android 2.1 and there's a new version of Motoblur included. Unfortunately, no front facing camera or HDMI though.

Are you a Droid/Milestone user? Excited about the update? Tell us what you think using the comments below.