Whoa! The caffeine-based beverage backlash!

I was accosted - almost physically - by a tea drinker the other day. Apparently I’d shown "outrageous favouritism" to a "foreign upstart" by extolling the virtues of Ethiopian coffee in a recent recommendation. Tea "built this great nation" apparently.

Well, I could’ve taken issue with this on several levels, both historical and political, as I carefully folded away my newspaper with the "we’re all going to Hell in a handcart" headlines, but I decided to be diplomatic (not my default setting, to be honest) and took note.

Tea is apparently a more civilised affair entirely and his site was said to be proof. It deals in rare and exotic teas and I must say, when you start to read through it all, it does seem like an almost ritualistic devotion that tea drinkers have risen to.

These teas are not likely to be found laced with four sugars anywhere near a building site, but they are definitely for the connoisseur.

So there we have it - all square in the hot drink stakes we hope.

Rare Tea Company

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