And so the Pocket-lint Podcast is 3 weeks old, which almost calls for some sort of party; a cake, or a muffin with a candle in it at the very least.

Tablets, mainly of the tech kind, are a hot topic for news ed Rik, features ed Dan and owner/ed Stuart this week. Plus, the team get their laughing tackle around the launch of new mobile phone network giffgaff, and explain why it really should have been called giraffe.

Blur, the game rather than the band, gets a rather weird review, and, for some reason, Rik has become obsessed with horses.

All this and much much more in what is rapidly becoming the nation's favourite podcast. With Pocket-lint in the title.

You can get it now from your local podcast store or below. Download, have a listen, and let us know if you've got any ideas for improvements, changes or things you'd love the team to talk about in the future. There might even be prizes on offer. Oh yes.

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