What a mash-up! Take Steve Jobs demoing the iPad, dub it over the rebel alliance's briefing on the Death Star assault in Star Wars Episode IV and you have comedy gold.

Adam Buxton, radio presenter, comedian, film star (Stardust and Hot Fuzz) and one half of the best comedy double act since Hinge and Bracket, Adam & Joe, has created this clip partly to sate an ambition to dub the entire movie with inappropriate audio clips, and partly to strike back at his own urges to join the iPad revolution.

Writing on his personal blog, Buxton states, "I’m wary of being evangelical about Apple. Their products have transformed my life and enabled to me to have a huge amount of fun making my stupid crap but they’ve also siphoned off a large part of my income and given me back and eye problems, although they can’t really be blamed directly for those."

However, he goes on to say, "The Apple Store makes me salivate though, I can’t help it."

And if this video is the fruit of that inner turmoil, long may it continue.

Sorry Adam.