Fancy getting yourself an iPad but can't afford one? Well, how about getting yourself an iPed? A Chinese copy of Apple's latest toy that will only cost you just over £100.

Sky News has uncovered this Japanese news report of Orphan Electronics' iPed device. Its report states that Orphan are based in Shenzhen where the Foxconn plant is and where the real iPads are made.

A little digging around on the Web uncovers a few spec details of the iPed. It's running Android 1.5 and it's got a 500-600 MHz CPU with 128MB of RAM and between 2GB and 16GB of memory. It's also got a camera on board (take that, Apple) but the screen is only a 7-inch, with a resolution of 800 x 480.

If you really want one, they're selling them here, although if you decide to give these guys your credit card details then don't hold us responsible if something goes awry.