As you stumble, bleary-eyed, into a new week, one of your first thoughts might be for a cup of something hot, to give you a little boost.

But before you wander into your local Starbucks, here’s a little-known fact:

The birthplace of coffee is Ethiopia (no, not Seattle…) and most experts agree that they still make the finest on the planet. Regardless of how you like yours prepared, Ethiopian beans will turn your coffee from a morning habit into an almost reverential ritual.

But getting hold of the good stuff can prove trickier than you might imagine. Yes, some major labels use Ethiopian beans, and if you scour the supermarkets, you'll find some eventually, but to be sure, you should try this lot.

They’re honest about they’re prices (i.e. not cheap) but we reckon once you’ve tried it, you might think it’s worth paying for.

We recommend the Hararr. It’s certainly perked up the Pocket-Lint crew this morning.

The Ethiopian Coffee Company

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