We at Pocket-lint are men of the people. We're in touch with the common man. So, when we heard that our fellow tech lovers were queuing overnight at Apple's flagship Regent Street store, we thought it was only right that we went down there to be with them.

We didn't spend the night there, though. Oh no, no, no. We went down there about half an hour before the store opened in the morning. Team Pocket-lint needs at least 8 hours sleep if it's going to function properly.  

Anyway, enough talk of Pocket-lint's sleeping patterns. Here's what the newest members of the ever-expanding iPad club had to say about the queues, the iPad itself and, of course, why they didn't order it online, get it yesterday, and save themselves a whole lot of bother.

Jake Lee, 17, Theydon Bois. Time in queue: 20 hours. Queue position: 1st.

"I didn't really attempt to be the first but it is pretty cool. I did originally order online but I cancelled it because I just wanted to come and experience it all. I've spent over £100 already on iTunes just getting movies, videos, TV shows and more music. I haven't actually brought any apps yet, but I will do".

Joe Woodcock, 17, Theydon Bois. Time in queue: 20 hours. Queue position: 2nd.

"We all fell in love with it as soon as we first saw it, it was love at first sight. The atmosphere [last night] was fantastic. All night was just such an experience, we're all three best mates. It was just amazing".

Stephen Fry, 52, Hampstead. Time in queue: None. Queue position: Queue? What queue?

"It's no secret that I'm very fond of the device and I'm always excited to see what Apple are up to next. Contrary to people's opinions, I'm not a paid spokesman or anything. It's purely coming here for the pleasure of seeing it - it's an event. Some people who are fond of music might go to a record store for the launch of an album. For me, it's a similar thing - it's a cultural event".

Jewles Lewis, 32, West London. Time in queue: 16 hours. Queue position: 4th.

"I want it for the BBC iPlayer app to watch the World Cup at work. You know, to roar on England. It could be a very memorable year for us. I didn't order online because of the post strikes, you know, you might miss it".

David Pugsley, 49, Lancashire. Time in queue: 3 hours. Queue position: About 200th.

"I'd ordered online but I got in too late for the first set delivery. But I thought, as I'm [in London], I'd come along and queue up - which was a mistake! I've got a MacBook Air, which I like for the lightness and portability. The problem with that, though, is the battery life. Hence the iPad".

Makayla Lewis, 25, Notting Hill. Time in queue: 6.5 hours. Queue position: 1st in Hanover Street, about 150th overall.

"I laid with a blanket by the wall for about 3.5 hours and then they moved me here. I'm looking forward to using Keynote as I do a lot of presentations and, also, I want to try out all the games. I did pre-order but God knows when that will arrive and I couldn't wait".

You? How long did you spend queuing? Did you even queue at all? Maybe you got yours around the corner at Currys? Let us know.

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