iPad queue at Apple Store too long? Try Currys Digital

We're not sure if this is the same in other parts of the UK, but our man in the field has just let us know that the queue at the Apple Store in Regent Street, London is massive. However, he's just wandered past Currys Digital in Oxford Street, just a 5-minute walk away, which is an authorised vendor yet has no queue whatsoever.

iPads in stock in Currys Digital, Oxford Street, London

Speaking to us on Skype, Pocket-lint's news reporter, Paul Lamkin, sent us this message: "Huge queues, huge wait at Apple store, Regent St. No queues, no wait at Currys which is 5 minutes away".

So, if you're thinking of heading down to the Apple Store to bagsy an iPad on day one, we suggest you try Currys first. Of course, if you'd pre-ordered on day one...

Note the calm ambience

Let us know if there's a similar pattern happening in other parts of the country, even Europe...