Orange has been a major sponsor of the Glastonbury festival for a dozen years or so, and they are the reason that 150,000 festival-goers can find each other and call their mates back home to gloat about what a great time they’re having.

Orange always do a few weird and wacky things - last year was the foot pump that charged your phone while you inflated your airbed - but one of the best things it does is the Chill ‘n’ Charge tent where you can go to give your mobile a quick blast of electricity while you enjoy some laid-back tunes.

All well and good, if you’re lucky enough to have a ticket, right?

That’s where this just-launched site can help out. It’s about the only place offering a chance to get hold of one.

Play Where’s My Welly? and you could be there to see Muse, Stevie Wonder and just-announced-U2-replacements Gorillaz.

Rock on.

Orange at Glastonbury

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