APP OF THE DAY - 3G Watchdog (Android)

Good afternoon app-ling fans and welcome once again to your 6pm dose of App of The Day - the feature that brings you something for your desktop, your phone, your TV or anything else that supports a little 3rd party software lovin'.

Today we're talking Android and if you're a data user worrier, then this one's for you. Download fingers at the ready.

3G Watchdog

Android 1.5 upwards


Android Market

3G Watchdog isn't some silly novelty game like some of the other Pocket-lint editors will try to push on you. It's a good solid utility app. Simply speaking, what it does is to monitor data traffic sent over the mobile network on your Android phone. The idea is that it'll stop you from going over you agreed limit and incurring all sorts of nasty over-blown charges from your network.

The icon sits at the top of your phone at all times, with a mini progress bar indicating how much data you've got left using both the size of the bar and its colour as a warning as well. Green is good, yellow not so good and red means time to stop streaming. When you open the app itself it gets much more exciting, well, if you can call monitoring your data allowance exciting.


Not only does the progress bar get much bigger, but you also get a table showing you your upload and download stats over days, weeks and months. What gets really sexy though is when you head into the settings and start customising your experience. You tell the app how big your data allowance is and then set it to warn you by vibration when you're a certain per centage through your lot. You can also get it to stop your phone from using 3G or EDGE or GPRS as well once you get to the end. That way, you ensure you'll never pay a penny over your tariff.

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