It's been a long time coming, but by popular demand and the need to vent vocally as well is in writing, we've produced the very first Pocket-lint podcast. And until we decide otherwise, we're calling it the Pocket-lint Podcast.

This week News Editor Rik, Features Editor Dan and Owner/Editor Stuart get their chins wagging about the intriguing Windows 7 Phone, Vietnamese websites and Hollywood turning to DSLRs to shoot their dramas on.

Outside the news, the trio also talk of their favourite gadgets doing the rounds at the moment and decide that you basically don't know anything in life until you've won the World Cup with Eritrea.

All of that and more in Episode #1 which you can download from your local podcast store. Download, have a listen, feel a more complete person because of it and you can even send us in a jingle to use on the show seeing as we collectively have the musical talent of a drunk with a kazoo.

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