Apple is losing friends by the day. We all know about its very public spat with Adobe regarding Flash, but now Google has weighed in, via engineering VP Vic Gundotra, having a huge pop at Jobs and co during one of the keynote speeches at its I/O conference.

Gundotra was speaking about Android and, in particular, the reason for its being. He didn't hold back when he described how he and a colleague feared for a "Draconian future" in which "one man, one company, one device, one carrier would be our only choice" before deciding that was "not the future we want". Miaow.

Gundotra then showed a slide featuring a poster of 1984. This was clearly another dig at Apple who, famously, used the George Orwell novel 1984 as the theme for Ridley Scott's advert which introduced the Apple Macintosh back in, you guessed it, 1984:

Gundotra went on to say that "if you believe in openness, if you believe in choice, if you believe in innovation from everyone, then welcome to Android".

Apple vs. Adobe was fun, but it was a bit like Tyson fighting Bruno - very one sided. Apple vs. Google is much more like it. It's PPV, stay up until 4am, Mayweather vs. Pacquiao, nay, Ali vs. Marciano. It's big time, and it's round one to Google.