How to watch the World Cup in 3D...

3D is certainly riding on a particularly large next-big-thing wave at the moment, with both film and television companies hoping to bring ever more 3D content to the masses.

One massive area in which 3D is set to grow is in sporting content, namely football, which is not only massively popular - meaning there's lots of money to be made - but 3D happens to suit the beautiful game very well indeed and really adds, well, another dimension to it.

With the World Cup just around the corner they'll be plenty of people wanting to experience the event with the added depth. So whether it's your first time or you've been lucky enough to experience 3D football already, Pocket-lint is on hand to give you a rundown of where and how you can best watch the World Cup 2010 in all its 3D glory.

At Home

This all depends on where home is for you, since the rights to the World Cup competition (being filmed in 3D by Sony) have been snapped up by just a few providers.

If you're lucky enough to live in the USA (ESPN), Spain (Sogecable) or South Korea (SBS) you'll be able to grab all the live action from the comfort of your own home provided you have the right kit.

If you're living anywhere else, and I'm afraid that goes for us Brits as well, you're going to struggle. In the UK the rights to the World Cup are firmly in the hands of the Beeb and ITV, both of which are not currently rolling out 3D content. Sky who does have a 3D channel is out of the picture.

Needless to say this means you won't be able to watch it down your local pub either.

Go to the Cinema

Your best bet by far is that age-old bastion of 3D content, the cinema, which is on hand to save the day.

Sony and Fifa have managed to secure a deal with a company called Aruna Media, which will be screening 3D matches live to cinemas all over the world. It is thought 800 cinemas around the world will be taking part, 50 of which will be in the UK. So if you have a cinema close at hand it may well pay to get in touch to see which, if any, 3D World Cup matches they'll be showing.

Fly to America, Spain or South Korea

If you're not currently living in one of the 3D-covered countries above and you're desperate to watch 3D footy then there aren't that many options open to you. One, however, is to get in touch with that rich home cinema-nut friend/or family member residing in said countries, in the hope of staying over for a couple of weeks.

Either that or book yourself into a hotel and find a bar showing the 3D football, although your drinks bill alone at the end of your 4-week jaunt could mean a second mortgage is on the cards.

Get yourself a TV with 2D to 3D upscaling

There are a few companies promising this tech at the moment, but if you want something quickly your best bet is probably Samsung.

The Samsung UE40C7000 offers this upscaling tech and it's on sale in the UK now. Although an excellent TV in itself, as our review suggests, since the footage shown won't be being shot in 3D the image you end up with could well be a disappointment. Apart from anything else you'd have to be dead keen to consider splashing out the thousand-odd pounds this would set you back for just a 3D effect, so possibly not the best option unless you're in the market for one anyway.

Go to the game

The other option of course is to take it on the chin and go and watch it in South Africa - that's about as 3D as you can get. With the money you would have spent on a 3D TV, you could pay for your flight as well as any tickets you may need.

Do it yourself

Imagination is the key to this one. It's cheap and a genuine alternative to Full HD 3D football action.

It's amazing what you can do with cardboard, tape and a black felt pen, believe it or not the dramatic scene above was produced by the Pocket-lint team in under 4 hours. Puppet theatre is not only fun, but the 3D content won't produce any of the nasty sick-making side effects, that can affect some people. Add to this the high level of interactivity, and a 3D re-enactment of the action on the pitch in your own home is not just the stuff of dreams.

The list of 3D World Cup matches being shown along with the dates are as follows:

11 South Africa v Mexico
12 Argentina v Nigeria
13 Gemany v Australia
14 Netherlands v Denmark
15 Brazil v Korea DPR
16 Spain v Switzerland
17 Argentina v Korea Republic
18 Slovenia v USA
19 Netherlands v Japan
20 Brazil v Ivory Coast
21 Spain v Honduras
22 Nigeria v Korea Republic
23 Ghana v Germany
24 Slovakia v Italy
25 Portugal v Brazil
27 Winner group B v Runner-up group A
28 Winner group E v Runner-up group F
28 Winner group G v Runner-up group H

2 Quarter-final
3 Quarter-final
3 Quarter-final
6 Semi-final
7 Semi-final
10 3rd place play-off
11 Final

As you can probably see no England matches are due to be covered in the early stages. We should get to the quarter finals before getting knocked out so at least they'll be a brief but tasteful glimpse of three lions in 3D.

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