AV and audio brand Pioneer has now made its proprietary iControlAV iPhone app available to download via iTunes. Additionally, UK product executive, Dominic Feeney, demonstrated its features and cunning use of the accelerometer to Pocket-lint at an exclusive event in London.

The app, which is a free download, works exclusively with recent Pioneer amplifiers and Blu-ray players, as long as they are plugged into a home network via Ethernet or wireless dongle. It uses the iPhone's built-in Wi-Fi to then communicate with the compatible kit, and subsequently give the user complete control.

Unlike other iPhone remote control apps that PL has seen in the past, the iControlAV software gives control over every small aspect of the home set-up, including source settings and audio decoders used, but it's the more fun aspects that stand out most.

As shown in the demo above, the accelerometer and tilt sensors are used to great effect for audio balance and dialogue or bass level adjustment. And there's even video clips to help make sense of things like speaker placement.

Of course, it's really only relevant for Pioneer fanboys, but after a quick play it makes us wish we had compatible gear.