Apple might have sold 1m iPads in the US and expected to show bumper sales around the world when it launches at the end of the month everywhere else, but many people still can't grasp why or what you would want to use one for. 

In steps the latest idea - a Point of Sale app that will let the waiter at your favourite restaurant take your order via an iPad and have it beamed back to the bar or the kitchen so they can start cooking. 

The system - similar to how Wagamama waiters already take orders, but with older PDA style devices with a stylus - could presumably evolve into letting the customers see pictures of the dishes they are ordering. 

The makers of the app,, are also selling the idea that it will allow the restaurant to have greater control over its stock levels, to allow it to sync with a website and even manage cashing up at the end of the night based on what has been ordered through the system. 

Alternatively you could use the iPad like Jake Gyllenhaal did on a recent appearance of Friday Night with Jonathan Ross, although we aren't sure when Apple designed and launched the iPad it would be used as a chopping board, before being sautéed in butter, stilton, mayonnaise and lemon.