Google Reader gets tweaked

Google has given its RSS feed reader product, Google Reader, a bit of an overhaul. The company has sprinkled a dusting of minor changes over the whole thing, but there's no significant new features.

Support for HTML5's Audio and Video tags have been added, so that mobile devices are able to view any multimedia content that you put into your blog posts. There's also now a "Not interested" button at the bottom of recommended items, so that you can give Google a little more feedback about the kinds of articles that you enjoy.

Google Reader Play has been granted some new features - you can press the space bar, or shift-space to move forward and backwards between items. You can also append a few words to the URL to make it do certain things - "?welcome=0" will skip the home screen, "?autoplay=1" will start Reader Play in autoplay mode, and "?#feed/URL" will open a specific feed only.

Lastly, there's the usual pile of performance updates. The "Home" view loads rather faster than it did before, and the "Send To" functionality shouldn't get stopped in its tracks by pop-up blockers, as it once did when you wanted to send content to Twitter or Facebook.

Are there any other features you'd love to see Google implement into Reader? Tell us in the comments box below.