Pocket-lint has teamed up with CoPilot to bring you the chance of winning one of five copies of its excellent GPS application. Especially useful if you want to take full advantage of our Geek Weekend feature.

The app gives you comprehensive navigation on your smartphone, giveing you the ability to store all your maps on your phone, so when you're out of Internet it doesn't mean you'll be left out in the wilderness.

Features include Turn after Turn indicator, which will show, not only the turn you're coming up to but the next two after that; Speed limit alerts, which gives you a nice and clear audible warning; and Brand Name Points of Interest, meaning if you're particular about where you shop CoPilot will navigate you to your favourite store/restaurant/petrol station.

Equally at home on the iPhone, Android, or Windows Mobile, you'll get to choose your platform if you win. So whether in your car, on foot or on a bike and regardless of your smartphone choice CoPilot will make sure you get home in time for tea and ensure you'll never be wondering around strange cities like a little lost lamb ever again.

There's a whole host of info on the CoPilot website, and for an inside look you'll want to click through to our full review of the iPhone version.

The competition will run for 1 month, finishing on Friday 28 May.