The new Image Search functionality of Google for both Android 2.1 and iPhone 3.0 has been redesigned to show more thumbnails on the front page, swipe functionality has been added, and the speed is considerably faster when you browse.

By making the thumbnails square, the browser can show up to sixteen images on a page (when held horizontally), and, once selected, a new special image viewing page allows them to appear as large as possible (dependent on the original image size). A black background also emphasises the pic, and swipe functionality allows for easy browsing from one selection to the next in line.

It's available now, so to try the new version, just visit on an Android 2.1 or iPhone 3.0 phone and tap on "Images".

Having played with it this morning on an iPhone 3GS, it's not perfect, some images appear remarkably small regardless of the physical size. But, it's extremely fast to whiz through a large stock of photos, and you can segregate pics by faces, clip art, line drawings and photo content with ease. If you've tried this on an Android phone, let us know what you think...