VIDEO: Lego rolls out augmented reality boxes

Lego has been tinkering with augmented reality over the last few months, and the first results are starting to make their way into Lego stores across the world - powered by technology from Metaio, who also worked on Vuzix's AR devices.

In the video above, you can see how it works. Customers hold a Lego box up to a scanner, it works out exactly what set is being held up, and then displays exactly what the set looks like on a video screen. You can tilt it up, down and around to see the set in 3D.

The kiosks will be available in Lego stores across the whole world, though don't necessarily expect to see them in your local toy shop just yet. If you're desperate to see one in person, then there's Lego stores in Brighton, Milton Keynes and Bluewater.