Today is the last day of Future Week on Pocket-lint and this is our very last article of the series. We've spent Monday to Friday looking ahead to the year 2015. We've uncovered the future of TVs, internet speeds, Augmented Reality, robots, cars, user-interfaces, games, the gadgets we already know and love and so very much more.

But, to bring it all to a close, we thought we should pay our respects to the film that inspired us in the first place - Back to the Future II. So, for the final word on matters, here are some of the original artists' sketches of the ideas for how to turn the Hill Valley of 1985 to the hoverboard, flying car future of 2015. And like future week itself, there's a little taste of how there were just too many great ideas to fit into the final work.

Now it's time for us to make like a tree, and get out of here.