Im riting this wit my newfound tuch tipping skils. Cann u tel?

OK, enough. Back to the old tried and test "head down, two finger, bashing furiously at the keyboard" approach (a fine journalistic tradition in itself).

Once upon a time, you’d never get an office job without touch typing skills, but as more and more work became keyboard-based, those skills became less common. If you know somebody who can touch type, you probably stare, as I do, in bewildered awe, as they churn out word after floorless, sorry flawless, word, while carrying on separate conversations and generally looking like they’re concentrating on something else entirely.

This clever online tool can help you brush up your own keyboard skills and it’s surprising how quickly you’ll improve.

That lazy dog will be seeing a whole generation of quick brown foxes jumping over it soon.


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