Opera has confirmed that it has submitted its Opera Mini browser for the iPhone to the Apple App Store, hoping to force Apple's hand in making this a reality.

While Apple has always been cagey about letting apps that replicate the core functionality of the iPhone through into the App store, Opera is hoping the recent kerfuffle with the FCC in the US over Google Voice will make Apple think twice about saying no.

As the video demonstrates, and as Pocket-lint witnessed first hand back at Mobile World Congress, the new browser is considerably faster that Apple's own Safari, making browsing on GSM or Edge something that would be a joy to do rather than something that simply means watching the download bar slowly move across the screen.

Opera has previously told Pocket-lint that if its application to the App Store is turned down it will not release the browser into the wild through the jailbroken App Store Cydia.

If successful you should be able to download the app in about 2 weeks.

Will it make it through the Apple iPhone app submission process or will it be kept in a quagmire of the approval process? Have your say in the comments below.