Lady Gaga has taken to promoting Virgin Mobile and Polaroid in the US in her latest video.

The Not Safe For Work (NSFW) 9.5-minute video called Telephone and featuring Beyoncé, features Lady Gaga in a prison before getting a call on her Virgin Mobile phone.

But Virgin Mobile isn't the only brand to get a close up with Polaroid getting a good logo name check as well, not surprising considering the musician is the creative director for the company.

If you're really the brand whore that you are and aren't fussed with all the nakedness, the Virgin Media mentions are around the 2-minute marker, after she has a lesbian kiss and the 4-minute marker, strangely the same moment that pictures Gaga wearing nothing but some police "do not cross" tape. You'll have to sit through some 5.5 minutes before the Polaroid camera comes out.