One of the nice things about open-source software development is that you can see what features will be in the next version of a product far in advance - there's no Apple-like secrecy. In latest test builds of Firefox, it looks like Mozilla is planning an account manager that'll help you keep track of whether you're logged in to various websites.

Initial support is promised for Facebook, Google, Yahoo! and three Mozilla sites (Addons, Personas, and Bugzilla), and the extension puts a key icon in your toolbar. When you click it, it'll check which sites you're currently logged into and allow you to disconnect from them. Anyone can code in support by following the principles laid out in a design document uploaded on Google Docs.

While not exactly a revolutionary move, this could at least ease the pains of accidentally commenting on your friend's Facebook pages under your partner's account. Plus if it were combined with facial recognition systems and a webcam, it could allow you to log into your favourite sites without requiring a username and password. We wonder if that could be fooled with a photograph...

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