Probably not content with all the "Tablet" chatter revolving around Apple, HP has released two more videos of its HP Slate tablet, first announced at CES, so we can get a better look.

The first is a 30 second teaser trailer showing some of the capabilities of the new device, how it can pinch to zoom, how you'll be able to read ebooks on it and how it will, like every other "cool" device, let you read the New York Times too.

The advert also shows video playback, web browsing and a funky techno soundtrack to get you in the mood.

The second is a longer 5-minute video detailing how unlike the Apple iPad, the HP Slate will support and run Adobe Flash so you can view videos and interactive content on the Web on the go.

Yes, you'll have to sit through why Flash is important and the reason it is "neat" and "sweet", but while that happens you'll get a good view of how the Windows 7 based OS works with Adobe pushing hard to show you how it will benefit your life other than just letting you watch porn in the toilet.