Hardware manufacturer Sony has announced a pair of PC headsets that it reckons offer better sound quality and resilience than most computer headphones. There's the DR-350USB and the DR-320DPV.

Both come with a multi-directional microphone arm, adjustable headband and foam earpads, as well as a 30mm ferrite driver in each ear to deliver your music, games, movies VoIP calls or podcasts. They differ in connection method - the DR-320DPV plugs into your audio sockets, whereas the DR-350USB plugs directly into a USB port.

The DR-250USB comes in gold, whereas the DR-320DPV comes in  black and red. There's also a lower-end DR-310DP headset which is more lightweight and comes in green, white, pink and blue. All will be available from April 2010. Pricing to be confirmed.