Namco Bandai has announced that Muscle March - which might be the best bodybuilding game in the world to feature Polar Bears - is now available to buy on Nintendo's WiiWare service. If you're unfamiliar with it, hit play on the video above. You don't need sound, but it will improve the whole insane experience.

Using a Wii remote and a nunchuk, your objective, along with your bodybuilding friends, is to chase down a thief who's stolen a bottle of your favourite protein power. You accomplish that by smashing through walls, making the same muscle move as the person in the front of the line. If that doesn't make any sense, you probably didn't click the video above. Do it.

There are two modes - a "story mode" which sees you rush through city streets, an old village and a space station, and an "endless rush" mode, which gets harder and faster until you can't take the pace any more. The title will cost you 800 WiiPoints, which is about 5 or 6 quid.