An interesting tech has been developed by researchers at the Carnegie Mellon University and Microsoft, called Skinput.

Skinput enables the user to utilise the skin to input signals to a connected device. To capture the audio signals, created by tapping the skin, a bio-acoustic sensing array was developed, which after being strapped to the arm allows said device, whether it be a MP3 player or PC, to react to the input.

The device was also shown working alongside a pico-projector which effectively turns the area of skin covered into a touch-device.

In the future we could perhaps see this technology being of particular interest to those with limited movement of limbs as the innovation could presumably be customised to suit the individual - such as registering sound from flexing the wrist or clenching the hand.

You can see Skinput working for yourself in the video above and make sure you let us know what you think of it in the comments.