Asus announces most pretentious router ever

Asus has launched what appears to be a tray in a spaceship designed circa 1974. Not content with a ridiculous silvery-grey metallic sheen, the company has added a quilting effect on the case, and a star filter on the lights that wouldn't look out of place in Dynasty. It practically oozes shoulderpads.

It's a wireless router which has been announced at tech tradeshow CeBIT 2010 by Asus, which calls it the RT-N56U. It offers 30,000 concurrent sessions, dual band support and simultaneous printing and scanning so that you can wirelessly hook up a printer. It's got what Asus describes as a plug-and-surf interface. Pretty high spec, really.

But we're not too bothered about any of that. It's pretty much the glitziest, gaudiest router that we've ever laid eyes on. What's next - satin power strips? snake skin USB cables? Porsche-designed USB hard drives? Oh.. wait...