Paddy Power taking bets on next console to melt down

Bookmaker Paddy Power has announced that it's opening bets on which will be the next of the current generation of consoles to suffer a massive global failure, following the PS3's well-publicised problems on 1 March.

Unfortunately, despite the console coming back online the following day, the PS3 remains at the top of the chart, with odds of 11/8 to be the next victim of a global technological meltdown. The Xbox 360, following its Red Ring Of Death issues, is second favourite at 7/4 with the Wii - seen as the most reliable, offering odds of 2/1.

Paddy Power has also opened a book on whether the Xbox 360 or the PS3 will sell the most units in 2010. The PS3 is favourite at 1/2, with the Xbox 360 offering odds of 6/4. A company spokesperson told Pocket-lint: "The trouble shooters (sic) in Sony must be wondering what can possibly go wrong next with the PS3 but that said we reckon it's a safe bet that it will easily outsell the Xbox again this year".

Will you be putting money down?