For a lot of people, when the boss sends you something and says it’s 'very, very cool', you can take it with a pinch of salt.

When our boss does it, we tend to take notice.

True to form, he’s found possibly the best fashion website we’ve seen in long while.

Pick a brand, any brand, and usually what you’ll get is image after image of their latest collection, usually shot with impossibly good-looking people in exotic locations.

What Wrangler has done is create something far more eye-catching. Load up the site then choose an outfit. By clicking and dragging you can make the model move across your screen in strangely balletic ways.

You can download the movie, the soundtrack and stills from the shoot too.

We love this - it makes Nick Kamen dropping his kecks in a launderette look positively pedestrian.

Wrangler Blue Bell

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