While the UK is still getting over the news that they'll be getting not one, but two new Android powered handsets from HTC in the next couple of weeks, US HTC fans are still in the dark about when they will get their "fill". 

That "fill" could be the HTC Incredible, which has been rumoured for some time and now caught on video camera (if you could call it that). 

The video, which isn't in focus or even focused on the phone for most of the video (see above), looks to feature a big screen, the now familiar HTC pre-production number set on the touchscreen display and the new Sense UI announced at Mobile World Congress.

What we can also tell from the video is that the dude filming things is "hot", it will be running Android 2.1 (unsurprisingly) and that it will sport a camera on the back (5-megapixel no doubt). 

As to when it will be hitting Verizon in the US is still anyone's guess, but if someone, somewhere is being shown working prototypes, we can't imagine it will be too long now. 

We will keep you posted.