Mozilla begins browser education campaign

The Mozilla Foundation, who created and administers the open-source Firefox browser, has begun a campaign to educate web users about alternative options to Microsoft's Internet Explorer. The move comes in advance of Microsoft launching a ballot screen that allows users of IE to pick which browser they want to use.

In an open letter on the front page of the website, Mozilla's CEO John Lilly says: "It’s an important choice because the Web browser has become one of the most critical and trusted relationships of our modern lives – with nearly perfect knowledge of everything we do. It is the lens through which we look at the virtual world, and the medium by which we connect, learn, share, and collaborate".

There's a box to put in your email address, and when the ballot screen is rolled out you'll get a note in your inbox explaining the strengths of different browsers. To some of you, that'll seem a little ridiculous - surely no-one's still using Internet Explorer 6 out of ignorance, right? Well, there's still plenty of people out there who think Yahoo is a browser...