There are, in this business, two types of press release we get sent.

There is the slick, professional, well-polished release which presents the facts on the new gadget/gizmo/website etc in a concise, grammatically correct, clearly prepared by a PR person called Sebastien (with an ‘e’) type that are all too common.

Then there’s the slightly shambolic, uber-geek, “please write about us ‘cos we haven’t been outside for months and this is a really good gadget/gizmo/website etc that we made in my mate’s bedroom” variety.

What we don’t get is a press release telling how their new gadget/gizmo/website etc wasn’t very good and so they went back to the drawing board and now they’ve got it right.

Meet Sososher – the new (sort of) social networking site for shoppers. By their own admission, the first time round they crammed too much in and it didn’t really work. Now they’ve redesigned and streamlined things and you can easily find your way round.

Shoppers share tips, tricks, vouchers and video reviews and you can purchase with confidence.

Nice work guys – we wish everybody was as up front as you are when things don’t go quite to plan. Bravo. 

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