Planning a ski trip soon? You'll want to equip yourself with a pair of these Zeal Optics "Transcend" goggles, which have an inbuilt screen that can display all manner of useful information while you're tearing down the slopes.

Controlled by three buttons on the side of the goggles, the display can show GPS location, speed, altitude, distance travelled, stopwatch, temperature, and time. They're anti-fogging and are compatible with helmets, if you sit on the more extreme side of the winter sports spectrum. All the data is projected transparently onto the inner surface of the goggles, in front of your eyes.

Even better is that they can be updated with extra firmware later on - the company, according to the above video, seems to be planning trail maps, caller ID, text messages, buddy tracking, online stat-sharing, ski traffic reports, camera and video functionality, run previews, music controls and emergency calling.

It comes in a polarized version for $350, and there's also a photochromatic  option that comes in at $450. If it were us, though, we'd wait for the next version, which sounds like it'll have cameras and 3G support. Stay tuned.