The previously-reported Puma phone, which we first heard about back in October, has broken cover in the form of a teaser site and a video clip featuring a cat.

The handset is timed to coincide with the World Cup and as such, features a bunch of applications that are sports-themed. It's got GPS tracking applications for cycling and running, a pedometer, a built-in stopwatch, sports news, music app, and a pile of other applications which "give you access to the PUMA world".

A video of the handset itself went up very briefly yesterday before being taken down, but thanks to efficient cache-cleaning we don't have a copy any more. That'll teach us for keeping a tidy PC. Still, MobileCrunch managed to grab a picture before it disappeared.

The picture shows a handset with a solar cell on the back - we presume that'll give your handset a bit of juice in sunny situations. However, given its size we doubt it'll generate that much power - it'll more likely just cause the battery to drain a little slower when the sun's out.

The teaser page shows a countdown which displays 5 days at the time of writing. That'll put the release right in the middle of the world's biggest mobile phone convention - Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. We'll be reporting live from the show floor, so stay tuned for more about Puma's mysterious handset.