News comes in of the launch by Saint Blues Guitar Workshop of the Woogie Board, which is believed to be the first production electric washboard.

The Woogie Board, which is sold in partnership with Cody Dickenson who developed the instrument, is now said to be "gig worthy" thanks to its electrification and the introduction of effects such as a wah-wah pedal - usually associated with the guitar.

Both Saint Blues and Cody clearly have high hopes for the instrument: "The electric washboard is taking things to a whole new level. It’s never been done before, it’s completely unique, and there is tradition, so it kind of has all the makings of a juggernaut", says Cody.

If you want to have a taster of what the new instrument sounds like then click on the video above while if you're convinced and want to buy one it'll set you back a cool $249.