QBooks are new ebooks designed specifically for children for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, described as the world's first touch-enabled and interactive read-along storybook.

From Penguin in New Zealand and Kiwa Media, a QBook offers "Swipe-to-Read" functionality that lets kids run their fingers across words and letters to hear a story read aloud.

Touch-to-Hear and Touch-to-Spell expand on that functionality, while children and parents can customise each QBook by recording their own voice and colouring in every picture in the book.

With games and puzzles built in, QBook launches with "Sebastian's Tail" and "Milly, Molly and the Tree Hut" available via the App Store (and presumably also the iBooks store when live), with more promised soon.

QBooks will also be available for Windows 7 PCs and Symbian and Android phones in May 2010 - hit play on the video above to see the new books in action.