For the month of February Computer Aid is launching a new service which will provide a way people can make sure that their unwanted gadgets are put to good use.

The company will reuse or recycle any unwanted gadgets - meaning rather than going straight into landfill, items such as PCs, laptops and monitors will go to schools, hospitals and community projects in developing countries.

In a bid to encourage you to clear out your old kit - given you might have received some new whizzy tech for Christmas - Computer Aid gives some stats as a reminder of the amount of potential waste produced by the technology and gadget industry, stating that:

"Last year, we bought 25 million netbooks worldwide and ten million TV sets in the UK, Nintendo posted record sales for the Wii and 8.7bn iPhones were sold in the three months
before Christmas".

"Throughout February, the charity will expand its service to take donations of any working devices, with kit sold through Computer Aid’s eBay account to raise funds for the charity’s
work in Africa".

Alternatively, if you prefer to make some money yourself you can also arrange a percentage of the sale to go to Computer Aid by using this link. Your listing will also get a "charity ribbon so it stands out from the crowd to help you make that sale – and you will aid disadvantaged communities into the bargain".

To find out more about the charity you can visit, and we'll have another tech deal for you tomorrow.