A Swedish magazine called T-post has just launched, and is calling itself the "first wearable magazine". Why? Because it's in the form of a t-shirt.

Every 6 weeks, subscribers get a t-shirt in the post. The news story - one per issue - is on the inside, with an artist's interpretation of that story on the front. The latest copy - issue 51 - is about college education and how it's being trivialized. When you have your t-shirt on, you can play rock, paper, scissors against the computer with a web app on T-post's website.

Of course, it's easy to fool the app by just drawing the L-shape that appears on the t-shirt, or printing it out from a provided PDF, on a bit of paper. You can wave that around as much as you like, but clearly not as fun. There's more about T-Post and how it works on the "about" page of its website.