A small survey carried out by Lewis PR reveals that 20% of those questioned in the UK didn't know who Steve Jobs is and 25% weren't sure why the name Sir Tim Berners-Lee should ring a bell.

There's likewise difficulty in the survey - some of which is shown in a montage of clips above - to name a social networking site, to explain what a wireless dongle is or to define SaaS.

While those of us with tech industry knowledge can watch and scoff at the general ignorance of the public at large, we can all be sure there's a survey out there that would catch us looking like a fool.

Eb Adeyeri of Lewis PR says: "This demonstrates a need for everyone involved in the industry to speak about technology and the benefits it brings clearly and succinctly, and avoid the jargon and 'geek speak' that deters so many from developing an interest".

We can at least take heart in news from a similar experiment from Google that showed that less than 8% of New Yorkers knew what a browser was.