Tea is an essential part of pretty much every Englishman's day - where would we be without the morning cuppa?

Given this, we've spotted that the Eco Kettle is selling for a very reasonable £26.79 at Sainsbury's, which should allow you to save a bit of cash on the kettle itself, as well as on electricity post purchase.

The Eco Kettle's selling point is that it only boils as much water as you need. Yes, there is the argument that you could just fill a normal kettle with the correct amount of water, but in practice this doesn't always happen.

It may also improve the quality of your tea as you can fill it to maximum capacity, but boil anything from one to eight cups - ensuring you avoid the faux pas of using pre-boiled water.

The 3000-Watt appliance will also give a "Rapid Boil" time of 3.5 minutes, so for full details of the device simply click through on this handy link.