Google seems to be launching software and services at a rate of knots these days and Near Me Now is the latest of a recent run of a location-based persuasion.

The option, which is sadly only available in the States right now, is designed to give the smartphone user instant access to the information in one's immediate environment and just with the push of a single button.

Quite simply, all you do is open up the Near Me Now menu, tap "Explore Right Here" on your display and the Google servers will tell you all about the restaurants, bars, coffee shops, ATMs and whatever else you need in your immediate vicinity. From there you can also get reviews and any other info you might need.

Near Me Now works with iPhone OS 3.0 devices and Android 2.0.01 enabled handsets too. Like all good services, expect it to roll out to other countries around the time we're coveting other tech that's only available to our cousins across the way.